A Little Flavor of Me

Elle Underwood

The name of blog says it all, I’m Elle Underwood. Okay, so that’s not really my real name. I used to be Alicia Tan. My mom called me Elle for short. Hence, my nickname. Recently, I married  the most amazing man in the world which changed my last name to Underwood. Thus, the birth of Elle Underwood and this blog. I’m currently living in the beautiful Midwest, specifically St Louis but was born and raised in my beautiful country, Malaysia.

After reading a plethora of blogs for 10 years, I’ve always wanted to have my own blog cataloguing my own thoughts on fashion, beauty, DIY, and everything in between for the everyday girl. From Lazy Girl Cooking Guide to Beauty School 101, my mission is to provide fun, quirky content for the everyday girl in you. Because seriously, between martinis and figuring out how to tame that frizzy hair in the morning in less than 10 minutes, who has time to cook?

So join me on my “glamorous” journey as we wiggle our way in this crazy world. One thing I promise though, everything featured will be less than $100 because no, $101 is not considered “budget-friendly”! Vamos!


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