Boutique Spy: CLR – MNSTR on Washington Ave

I love fashion. Period. Although I probably won’t call myself a designer or fashion guru. Heck, really who cares about dressing in avant garde, crimson red box dress anyway? But anyhoo, I do appreciate the art of fashion and what it brings to the world.

With that said, I’m always out on a hunt for the next, upcoming boutique. Since I live in St Louis, most of my so-called spies will be local. But nonetheless, I will share with you about thoughts on each boutique. None of my postings are or will be paid. All opinions are my own.



Situated in the heart of downtown St Louis on Washington Avenue, it is absolutely refreshing to see a new rock-and-roll, funky, punky, spunky, spikes and oh my! in this store. This is not your typical, average, let’s all look like Taylor Swift store. (Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Taytay) But if you like neons, spikes, and everything in between, this might be your store. Pronounced as Color Monster, the owner brought most of her inspiration from Florida in which she has lived for some time. You can definitely tell from it is vibrancy and color in the designs and store. Most of her clothes are uber affordable ranging anywhere from $20 – $60ish. From time to time, there will be sales which all items are marked down significantly. Your eyes will pop. Like this —->O.0.


Told ya it is super cool!

All in all, I love this boutique! It is one of those gem you won’t feel guilty for splurging because really, you know your girlfriend next door will be like “Eww, what are you wearing?”. You’ll say, “It’s called TRUE FASHION, lady!”

Want some hard fashion? CLR MNSTR is your place.

1300 Washington Ave, St Louis MO 63104

(314) 241 – 1930


images via CLR MNSTR facebook.